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Release the past, feel confident in the present 

reach for the future you deserve. 

Pink Moon Energy’s culminating practice of spiritual wellness and intuitive arts makes for a happy heart and singing spirit. We facilitate your cosmic connections and guide your soulful journey with the assistance of spiritual mentors and advisors. As a mystic and certified energy worker, Pink Moon Energy is a high vibration messenger of hope and healing, and a selfless servant of the spirit. 

your power, energy and

universal connections

your physical, emotional
and spiritual state

nurture and grow the

goddess in you

A personal trainer for energy and spiritual health, Pink Moon Energy is dedicated to guiding others. Using ancient healing arts and a variety of modalities, we will put you in touch with energetic frequencies and spiritual resources that you need at this very moment. 

Self-care practices require one's whole self, the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. 

As the moon changes, our own energy waxes and wanes, and we enter different life phases that present new challenges and opportunities.


Just as the moon has led lost travellers since the beginning of time, we use intuitive arts, healing modalities and spiritual connections to guide those who feel stuck, stressed, overwhelmed, or lost. Discover the self-acceptance and self-improvement you long for.


Energy can be used in so many ways; to connect, expand, heal and guide us! 

As women our divine energy and spiritual connection helps us stay true to ourselves, honour our inner mystery, nurture others, and remain joyful.


Pink Moon Energy's spiritual scholar and founder, Sherry Braine is a certified energy practitioner, teacher and expansion facilitator with roots in cosmetology. Since childhood, she has emanated empathy and tuned into the universe’s vibrations, opening her heart to the mystic moon, which guides, protects and soothes the soul. 


— Nikola Tesla

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

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Meet Sher

Sherry’s lifelong gift of clairsentience and devotion to the Divine’s feminine energies have manifested into a passion for helping women understand and harness their energy and better understand the distinct phases of their life.

For over twenty years, Sher has been guided by the cleansing power and sage wisdom of Grandmother Moon, finding joy in helping women focus on self-care, self-acceptance and self-improvement. Now, Pink Moon Energy offers healing, instructional and self-care sessions designed to expand your power, energy and spiritual connections, embrace your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state, and enlighten the goddess in you!


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