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Pink Sky

Who we are



Honing your energy keeps you spiritually healthy, and sometimes we need guidance to do just that.

We facilitate the flow of the energy systems in your body and the spiritual journey, which empowers you to accept yourself, heal and learn from your past, and embrace your future. When you are enlightened to your own energy, you are empowered, stronger and better connected to the world around you.


Pink Moon Energy is soulfully attuned to spiritual consultant and founder, Sherry Braine’s empathetic nature, energy work and lifelong gift of clairsentience. 

The Wisdom of the Pink Moon

Born in June, the month of the Strawberry Moon, Sher’s connection with Grandmother Moon was forged at birth. As a child, she had a strong intuition that allowed her to understand other’s experiences and emotions. Feelings from other people, places, or experiences were sometimes overwhelming, but she was soothed by the light of the moon that she could see from her childhood bedroom. 

Eventually, Sher began to picture the moon when she needed to feel at peace. Now, she harnesses the great cleansing power of the moon. Grandmother Moon offers sage wisdom while helping us be independent and empowered, and Pink Moon Energy is devoted to doing the same for you!


The Divine Feminine

Raised Catholic, Sher’s less conventional ideas of spirituality were a bit taboo. However, with her mother’s support, she developed her gift and explored intuitive arts such as palmistry, astrology, psychometry and oracle card reading.


As she entered university, Sher was drawn to the cosmetology industry, and found helping other women feel confident and beautiful, empowering. She would come to realize that she was doing more than just enhancing the aesthetics of her clients. She was reading their energy or “vibes” and attuning her own spirit to it. She began to feel a sense of unity with all women, just by helping clients feel pampered and actually released.

Seeking growth in her career, Sher became a licensed hairstylist and teacher, where she focused her work on the crown chakra and developed an appreciation for each woman’s own unique connection to Goddess energy, the moon, and the cycles of life. 


“My connection to the universe grows stronger with this work, and I take great pride in helping women discover their place in the world, expand into their next phase, and learn to express their souls through the spirit.”

— Sherry Braine

Looking for more ways to heal and connect, Sher became a certified life coach and explored medium work, channeling, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)™, Reiki among others. Each discipline expanded her knowledge and understanding and strengthened her work with the high vibrational frequencies. As her energy grew, so did her ability to sense transitioned loved ones, beloved pets and mystics from the spiritual realm.

This journey led Sher to realize that her true calling was facilitating expansion. She worked at the Circle of Light Wellness Center and then began her own spiritual wellness practice, Pink Moon Energy, where she brings together the study of intuitive arts, a lifetime of energy work, and a devotion to the Divine into a blended practice of soulful self-care and cosmic connections that manifest a spirited sisterhood.

The Connected, Spirited Sisterhood

Pink Moon Energy beautifies the feminine soul through a guided journey that involves working with energy, intuition and the spiritual world to balance and achieve a sense of unconditional love and enlightened sense of self that is brighter than ever imagined. Together, we protect and transport consciousness to higher dimensions, reminding ourselves of the potential power we wield when we unite our own energies in pursuit of connection and growth.

If you think your journey can benefit from a guide or spiritual facilitator then we encourage you to reach out to expand your power, energy and universal connections, to embrace your physical, emotional and spiritual state, and to enlighten and grow the goddess in you!

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